Leadership Training

Leadership starts from within

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6-Hour Leadership Training Certificate Students Grades 10-12

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Leadership Certificate with completion of 3 two-hour sessions 
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6 Service/Volunteer Hours for partner high schools
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Sunday Training Sessions throughout Atlanta
Cost: $36 per student
About NTS Founder, Tracie Bernstein
Tracie Bernstein has been a Jewish educator and professional trainer for 3 decades, working with some of the country's most innovative programs for Jewish teens and adults. Tracie trained facilitators from more than 20 cities for Moving Tradition's Rosh Hodesh program for girls, she developed and trained community leaders to run the Ayeka program in several US cities, and wrote the 8 hour training for MACoM, Atlanta's open mikvah, where she trained 50 Atlanta Guides. Her Nourishing Their Souls curriculum for 7-10th grades launched in 2020 and is now widely available for purchase. The first cohort of Nourishing Their Souls educators will teach the curriculum across the east coast this Fall.
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