Adult Workshop Offerings

Adult Workshops are available as a full series or as individual sessions.


Pre-registration is required.




Parenting a Toddler  

(During a Pandemic!) 

January 21st ~ 8-9pm


In partnership with 18Doors, JFF and PJLibrary

We'll explore ways to both identify and compassionately meet the needs of not only your toddler but also yourself during these trying times.   


It's 2021: Now What?

Using key concepts from the Mussar tradition of meaningful, ethical living, 

we'll explore how we move on

Workshops for individuals and couples

Tuesday evenings, 7:30pm EST

Feb 2

Letting Go of Anger

Moving past the toxicity of 2020

Feb 9

Finding Peace

Adding Joy

Feb 16

Forgiving Myself

My best is enough

Feb 23

Understanding & Making Choices

Every moment offers a choice

March 2

Renewing My Hope  Openness, Mindfulness & Trust

Active Adult Series: Reimagining Retirement

For Older Adult Individuals and Couples


Thursday evenings, 7:30pm EST

Feb 4

Mourning the Loss of My Retirement

During COVID

Feb 11

Redefining Myself

Who am I now that I am no longer working?

Feb 18

Shalom Bayit: Peace at Home

When we're never apart


Chanukah Workshops
My Body as a Holy Vessel
Being the Shamash:
A light for Myself & Others
A Spiritual Break for Election Week

Coping with Change

Finding Our Bearings When Life Feels Unmoored 

ReOpening & Moving Forward

Keva and Kavanah 

Things We Can Control & What We Cannot

Getting Unstuck

How Do We Make a Change

It's the Journey

Jewish Ideas About How We Get There

Renewing Ourselves & Our Relationships:

 Being Compassionate

 When I Am Worn Out & In Need

Creating Holy Space at Home

How we can create an environment at home that enhances our High Holiday experience.

Privacy and Peace

When We Are Always Together

Intimacy (Not sex)

Carving Out Space to be Vulnerable 

&  Make Room for Others' Vulnerability

Renewing Myself & My Relationships

For The New Year

Forgiveness in This Season

When, How and Why We Forgive

Mikvah, Seriously?

The relevance and power of this ancient ritual

to my spiritual life


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$10 per session per household.

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