Adult Workshops

Adult Workshops are available as a full series or as individual sessions.


Pre-registration is required.             

7:30pm EST via Zoom

Session Cost: $10 each

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May 3rd - Making it Count

Making it Count

The 7 weeks between Passover and the holiday of Shavuot are for purposeful self-exploration. We'll focus on ways to identify, elevate and maximize what we most value. 

May 10th - Taking Account

Taking Account

We'll explore the practice of assessing where we stand spiritually and behaviorally.

May 17th - Recounting

May 24th - Encounters


Using lessons moving through Passover's slavery to Shavuot's freedom, we'll

explore how we encounter, connect and respond to others. 


As part of the processing of moving through the Omer season, we will look to our own experience of the past year .

May 31st - Accountability


We will explore how to draw from the our self-awareness and  goals to create a Cheshbon Hanefesh - a spiritual accountability plan.


Passover Series

Moving from the Narrow Places

We Were All Strangers

Creating Order

Finding Holiness Together

Happiness Series

Can Happiness be Commanded?

The Masks We Wear
Choosing what we show and hide

Humor as a Value

Being Present Series

Drowing Out Toxic Noise

Shehecheyanu: Blessing the New and Renewed

Being Present


Shared Experiences

Light Breaking Through Darkness Series

The Power of the Light Adjacent to Us

Countering Perfectionism:
The crack that lets the light in

By Your Light I see Light:
When the invisible becomes illuminated.


Self Care Without Guilt

Self Care & Time Alone

Self Care for Caregivers

Self Care & Holiness

A Season of Growth

Who we invite in to bless us.

Lulav & Etrog
My heart, Spine, Eyes and Lips

Living in the Present:
Lessons of temporary shelter

Setting My Spiritual Table for the New Year

Setting the Table for Others

Setting the Table for Myself

Setting the Table for G*d

My Choices

 Do I have more freedom than I realized?

Coping with Change:
Even good change

Keva vs. Kavanah:
What we control and what we cannot

How to Spiritually Prepare
For the change we choose

Return to Joy

Joy that Repairs
An Exploration of Amazement
Replacing Cynicism and Habit with Awe
Joy as a Revolutionary Act
Joy and Peace:
Are they attainable?

Freedom for What?

Foundational Strength:
On what is everything balanced?

Surrender:  Acknowledging Our  Limitations


Trust in Ourselves and Others

Starting with Compassion 

Compassionate Discipline

Finding Freedom at the Water's Edge

Engendering Your Soul

What we ALL have to learn from Miriam & the women of the Passover story

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

   Bedikat Chametz for the Soul

Let My People Go
The Work of Moving Beyond the Past

Mussar Series: It's 2021, Now What?

Renewing My Hope  Openness, Mindfulness & Trust

Understanding & Making Choices

The transformative power of choosing

Forgiving Myself

My best is enough

Finding Peace

Adding Joy

Letting Go of Anger 

Moving past the toxicity of 2020

Active Adult Series:
Reimagining Retirement

Mourning the Loss of My Retirement

During COVID

Redefining Myself

Who am I now that I am no longer working?

Shalom Bayit: Peace at Home
When we're never apart
Parenting a Toddler
During a pandemic!
In partnership with PJ Library,
JFF & 18Doors
Chanukah Workshops
My Body as a Holy Vessel
Being the Shamash:
A light for Myself & Others
A Spiritual Break for Election Week

Coping with Change

Finding Our Bearings When Life Feels Unmoored 

 Being Compassionate

 When I Am Worn Out & In Need

ReOpening & Moving Forward

Keva and Kavanah 

Things We Can Control & What We Cannot

It's the Journey

Jewish Ideas About How We Get There

Getting Unstuck

How Do We Make a Change

Renewing Ourselves & Our Relationships:

Creating Holy Space at Home

How we can create an environment at home that enhances our High Holiday experience.

Privacy and Peace

When We Are Always Together

Intimacy (Not sex)

Carving Out Space to be Vulnerable 

&  Make Room for Others' Vulnerability

Renewing Myself & My Relationships

For The New Year

Forgiveness in This Season

When, How and Why We Forgive

Mikvah, Seriously?

The relevance and power of this ancient ritual

to my spiritual life


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$10 per session per household.

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