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Professional Facilitation

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Tracie Bernstein is a skilled facilitator with extensive experience providing collaborative, comfortable and productive spaces for team building, mediation and visioning. Tracie’s approach to facilitation draws from profound Jewish wisdom to enhance group cohesion and articulate shared goals. Utilizing decades of organizational experience and her skill as a deep listener and conversation guide, Tracie draws out multiple perspectives, helping teams identify their core needs and values, and how to meet them through shared problem solving that respects every voice in the room.

Why hire a facilitator?

  • Tracie creates a comfortable, safe environment that allows the space and permission to iron out communication challenges that impede growth.


  • Tracie provides an outside presence, offering the entire team, including management, the chance to participate in discussions, encouraging dialogue and enhanced productivity that yields results.


  • Tracie does the legwork so you don’t have to, providing:

    • Goal and challenge assessments

    • Collaboration with staff to create an effective results-based agenda

    • Meeting design & all content development

    • Retreat implementation & evaluation

    • Comprehensive written report with action plan & next steps


When * Where * How

What They're Saying

Tracie quickly became an integral part of the team, guiding us through a beautiful, thoughtful, intense

and focused retreat. 

- Jodi Bromberg, 18Doors CEO

    Tracie was so flexible, and gave perfect
     high-level insight that kept us on task.
    - Kat Manos, Chief of Digital Strategy, 18Doors

Tracie's workshops  are truly inspirational, motivational and educational. Her Board Training helped our leadership define their goals and create a plan of action for how to achieve them. For all of you out there reading this, I strongly encourage you to try out a facilitation from Nourishing The Soul. 
- Jocelyn Schorvitz, Executive Director, MACoM

Tracie is an exceptional facilitator. The thoughtfulness she brings to any topic paired with her soothing demeanor creates a feeling of awareness and understanding that is all at once subtly powerful and empowering. She is fully present in the space and evokes a desire for you to do the same. Tracie’s skill at creating a safe and welcoming space for candid conversation will fill your team’s session with open and honest dialogue.
- Eliana Leader, MACoM Guide
  Director, Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center, Ramah Darom
I have known Tracie for many years and collaborated with her on various projects and workshops. Tracie is  highly-organized and passionate in addition to being an exceptional facilitator. She brings her experience, wisdom and humor to all of her seminars and workshops, creating very informative, productive and lively discussions. It's been a privilege to have partnered with her and to have participated in her programs.
- Todd Young, President, Congregation Gesher L'Torah
  Southeast Political Engagement Director, AIPAC
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  • Tracie provides facilitation for both virtual and in-person meetings, conferences and retreats in the United States, Canada and Israel.


  • Consultation includes advanced development of the program/agenda & goals, day-of implementation  and evaluation, and a comprehensive follow up report.


  • For more information, email Tracie.


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