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Professional Facilitation

* Professional Training * Team Building * Leadership Development

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Tracie Bernstein is a skilled facilitator with extensive experience providing collaborative, comfortable and productive spaces for team building, mediation and visioning. Utilizing decades of organizational experience and her skill as a deep listener and conversation guide, Tracie draws out multiple perspectives, helping teams identify their core needs and values, and how to meet them through shared problem solving that respects every voice in the room.

Why hire a facilitator?

  • Facilitation offers tools for building group cohesion and articulating shared goals.

  • Facilitators can create the space and permission to iron out communication challenges that impede growth.


  • As a team leader, you know what you'd like to accomplish, but may benefit from an outside presence offering a new lens through which to encourage dialogue and enhance productivity that yields results.

When * Where * How

  • Tracie provides facilitation for both virtual and in-person meetings, conferences and retreats in the United States, Canada and Israel.


  • Consultation includes advanced development of the program/agenda & goals, day-of implementation  and evaluation.


  • For more information, email Tracie.

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