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 About Nourishing The Soul


There has never been a more exciting time to live a Jewish life, nor more opportunity to access Jewish thought and ritual to add to our spiritual growth. Nourishing The Soul Workshops Inc (NTS) provides access to diverse expressions of Judaism's traditions and perspectives.  NTS Workshops are the culmination of years of facilitation and teaching about the powerful tools for life that Judaism offers Jewish and Jewish-adjacent adults and teens. Founded and run by innovator Tracie Bernstein, NTS offers three branches of programs that respond to the American Jewish community’s growing call for spiritual engagement and connection.

  • NTS Adult Workshops are offered both as open-facing public sessions, and privately in partnership with local and national institutions and organizations.

  • NTS provides two key Adolescent Programs: Leadership Starts from Within, a 6-hour leadership training certification for 10-12th grades; and the semester-long turnkey curriculum for 7-10th grades called Nourishing Their Souls, which is currently offered in 5 cities (Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Hoboken and Marlboro). This curriculum explores the relevance of Judaism to our lives, and how being Jewish informs our understanding of ourselves, our family, our community and what is holy.

  • NTS Senior Care Workshops bring the sweetness and connection of Jewish memory and spiritual engagement to senior communities hit hardest by the isolation of the pandemic.

 The NTS  Mission

NTS is designed to be flexible and relevant in responding to the spiritual needs and interests of the Jewish community. In a pluralistic, inclusive environment, NTS provides space for the diversity of the community to engage in deep conversation that connects our actions, relationships and everyday reality to the richness and diversity of Jewish thought and tradition.  An outgrowth of the pedagogy of the great teachers with whom founder Tracie Bernstein has learned and worked, NTS provides  an environment that weaves together the wisdom of our sages, our modern teachers and each other. Nourishing the Soul Workshops offer an environment in which to hone our understanding of ourselves, and how we can utilize our People’s wisdom toward stronger connection with our loved ones and with holiness.

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The NTS adolescent curriculum materials are outstanding in format, content, and manageability. The lessons are thought provoking, diverse, and address today’s critical issues of Jewish identity.
                                          Rabbi Michael Pont
                                          Marlboro Jewish Center

Tracie is a gifted and passionate teacher.  Her mastery of content is always on display, as is her joyous spirit which infuses every class and interaction. 

                              Rabbi Judith Beiner

Community Chaplain

                             JF&CS of Atlanta

Tracie is an eloquent speaker, and her teaching style is incredibly thought-provoking. She is able to structure her workshops in such a way that participants are actively engaged. She is an expert in Jewish knowledge about a variety of topics, and I have personally learned so much from her. I appreciate her inclusive and welcoming approach, thereby creating a safe, sacred space for every teaching session she leads.

Beth Tieman-Feldstein, PhD

MACoM Guide Co-Trainer

Working at MACoM has given me the opportunity to meet many amazing teachers and clergy members and be a part of a wide range of different experiences.  But from my heart, one of my greatest privileges is to have met Tracie Bernstein .  Tracie's workshops  are truly inspirational, motivational and educational. For all of you out there reading this, I strongly encourage you to try out a workshop from Nourishing The Soul. And one of the positives of being forced into this Zoom era is the fact you can participate from anywhere!


Jocelyn Schorvitz

MACoM Executive Director

Tracie Bernstein is a loving and committed educator. Through her teaching she creates warm and authentic learning environments. Truly a joy to learn with and from her.

Kelly Cohen, Senior Director

Experiential Jewish Education at MJCCA


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