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Spiritual Workshops

Nourishing the Soul Workshops are designed to engage individuals and couples in deep conversation that connects our actions, relationships and everyday reality to the richness and diversity of Jewish thought and tradition.  Drawing on the breadth of Jewish sources, along with the experience of attendees, NTS Workshops offer an environment in which to hone our understanding of ourselves, and how we might utilize our People’s wisdom toward stronger connection with our loved ones and with holiness.

Workshop offerings are offered both virtually and in-person.  Participants can register for individual sessions or an entire series, or as part of private workshps through institutions.

Understanding the importance of a well-defined mission and clearly articulated goals to achieve soulful outcome-driven success, NTS provides your staff and lay leadership the framing for a shared, action-driven vision.
Tracie Bernstein is a skilled facilitator with extensive experience providing collaborative, comfortable and productive spaces for team building, mediation and visioning. Utilizing decades of organizational experience and her skill as a deep listener and conversation guide to draw out different perspectives, Tracie helps teams determine what of their core needs can be identified and met through shared problem solving.
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Non-profit Staff & Board Retreats

Mental Wellness
& De-escalation

NTS offers two adolescent programs: a semester-long curriculum for synagogues called Nourishing Their Souls, and the NTS Leadership Training program run in partnership with public and private high schools.

Nourishing Their Souls
designed for 7th -10th grades, engages in conversation about making choices as a Jewish adult, and provides a Jewish toolkit to help students better understand the importance and relevance of Judaism in their lives, and explore what it means to them to become a Jewish adult.
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NTS Leadership Training, Leadership Starts from Within, redefines what it means to lead, building skills for life that utilize both advanced Jewish concepts and social science to provide an engaging and sophisticated interactive training with action based lessons. LSW offers a leadership "toolkit" from which leaders can improve their skills, and continually grow to enhance both the experience of those they lead, and their own. Ideal for both high school (10th-12th grades) and Camp Counselors!

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